Bee Gold - Wildflower Bee Pollen Granules - (1 Pound Bag)


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    100% ALL-NATURAL BEE POLLEN - (1 lb Bag)


    Bee Gold Wildflower Pollen Granules. When bees collect nectar for honey, they coat their legs with pollen. The pollen is collected when they pass through a screen while returning to the hive. The screen gently scrapes the pollen off their legs where it drops into a tray for collection. 

    Pro Image Bee Gold Wildflower Pollen Granules are full of Antioxidant flavonoids, including myricetin, quercetin, rutin, and trans-cinnamic acid. Bee pollen is an excellent source of nutrition. Bee pollen is richer in protein than any flesh-based food. Gram for gram, bee pollen supplements contain more amino acids than fish, beef, or eggs. 

    Bee pollen is known to help lessen the symptoms of seasonal allergies, but if you have severe allergies to any pollen, take precautions before using bee pollen. Try a few granules on the tongue first to detect any type of allergic reaction.

    Our Bee Pollen is 100% pure, dried at beehive temperatures, and free of any additives or preservatives.

    Add a spoonful to smoothies or sprinkle on yogurt or ice cream for a healthy, bee-licious treat!


    1 pound bag

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