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Welcome to: Healthy Java Shop!

Here at Healthy Java Shop, we are proud to offer a great line of Healthy Coffee & hot beverages.
Want the BEST coffee products? Get our Avarle & Cafe Avarle Branded Products. They have the healthiest ingredients and use Herbal Extracts which are more potent than Powder. Also try our BRAND NEW Avarle 3+1 Ganoderma Coffee. Same taste as the 4-1 Higher quality ingredients for better health! 

Introductory Special! Purchase 2 boxes of the Avarle Ganoderma 3+1 and receive one box of the Avarle Ganoderma Classic Free! OR Purchase 2 boxes of the Avarle Ganoderma Classic and receive one box or Ganoderma 3+1 Free!

We offer a number of purchasing options for your convenience.
  • ONLINE PURCHASE: For those of you who like to purchase online, we have a simple customer signup process which will allow you to enter your information one time & save it with a password. When you return to reorder, you can simply log in and it will simplify the reorder process.
  • PAYMENT BY MAIL: If you prefer payment by mail, you can also join online as a customer, but instead of entering your credit card info on the payment screen, choose the appropriate payment type and mail your check or Money Order to us.
  • PURCHASE BY PHONE: If you don't like purchasing online, we also offer the old traditional way of calling the order in & giving it to us in person. You can either pay by credit card or mail the payment to us. Our Orderline number is: 866-700-4266 (GANO)

Discounted Pricing structure!

Lower prices up front with 5% off on all orders over $249.99 & 10% off on all product orders over 999.99!!

Discount will compute at the payment screen (Not in the shopping cart).

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