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Here at Healthy Java Shop, we are proud to offer a great line of Healthy Coffee & hot beverages. Our hot beverages contain Ganoderma which is growing in popularity every day! Ganoderma comes from the Reishi Mushroom, a medicinal line of Mushrooms used and respected by the Chinese for over 4000 years! We believe you will agree with us that Gano Coffee is one of the great breakthrough products in the last few years! We also carry Fruta Vida. Fruta Vida is an antioxidant juice that contains the three superfoods Acai, Cupuacu, and Yerba Mate. Also popular is our line of Ganoderma Coffee!
We offer a number of purchasing options for your convenience.


  • ONLINE PURCHASE: For those of you who like to purchase online, we have a simple customer signup process which will allow you to enter your information one time & save it with a password. When you return to reorder, you can simply log in & it will greatly simplify the reorder process.
  • PAYMENT BY MAIL: If you prefer payment by mail, you can also join online as a customer, but instead of entering your credit card info on the payment screen, choose the appropriate payment type & mail your check or Money Order to us.
  • PURCHASE BY PHONE: If you don't like purchasing online, we also offer the old traditional way of calling the order in & giving it to us in person. You can either pay by credit card or mail the payment to us. Our Orderline number is: 866-700-4266 (GANO)


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New Pricing structure! Lower prices up front with 5% off on all product orders over $249.99 & 10% off on all product orders over 999.99!! Discount will compute at the payment screen (Not in the shopping cart).


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