Prairie Sunshine Honey - Rock Mountain Sun Royal Honey (23 Ounces)


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  • Prairie Sunshine Honey  - Rocky Mountain Sun Royal Honey (23 Ounces)

    Rocky Mountain Sun Royal Honey is a perfectly balanced combination of three natural bee products: royal jelly and bee pollen which are blended into raw Montana honey. Bee pollen has been formulated into Rocky Mountain Sun and is a vital and critical addition to the conventional royal jelly/honey mixes on the market, and is offered exclusively by Rocky Mountain Sun. Rocky Mountain Sun contains an incomparable amount of 16 vitamins and beta carotene, 16 minerals, 22 amino acids, 18 live enzymes/coenzymes, 3 antibodies/fungicides, and 29 other vital ingredients such as acetylcholine, gamma globulin, nucleic acids, flavonoids, lecithin and essential fatty acids. Rocky Mountain Sun contains a score of antioxidants, provides enzyme therapy and amino acid therapy. Additionally, there are a dozen or more complex components that modern science has yet to identify. All these highly complicated ingredients are combined into the most natural formulation ever created. The vast array of micro nutrients found in Rocky Mountain Sun are predigested by the bee becoming water soluble, including the oil soluble vitamins A, E, and D, and are thus nearly 100% absorbed into our trillions of body cells almost immediately. Most people feel a noticeable increase in energy and alertness within an hour after taking Rocky Mountain Sun. The important thing to remember is that the healthy, fully nourished human body is a highly efficient self-healing unit. It has the capability to fight diseases, repair wounds and generate the energy and vitality essential for a healthy, meaningful, and enjoyable life. Rocky Mountain Sun is pure, unprocessed "complete" food. You are being fully nourished; it is just that simple and just that wonderful.

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