BEE GOLD HONEY - (24 oz Honey Bear) - Montana Wildflower, Alfalfa, Clover & Sanfoin Blend


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  • Model: 570013
  • Manufactured by: Pro Image International

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    (24 Ounce Honey Bear)

    Bee Gold Honey is Pure, Unfiltered and Unpasteurized! 100% Pure Honey from bees that feed on Sanfoin, Sweet Clover, Alfalfa, & Wildflowers in the Eastern and Western Sides of the Rocky Mountains in Montana.

    Bee Gold Honey is now under new ownership. We are still using the same equipment and processing methods used by the original owner for over 40 years. We have also maintained the same suppliers so the flavor and honey type remains the same.

    Bee Gold Honey is processed at lower temperatures allowing the live enzymes and sugars to remain unchanged in the honey. If it Crystalizes, do NOT use microwave to warm it. This will very likely destroy the enzymes. Put the honey container in warm water to melt the crystals.

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